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FPC are very important for mobile phones. Fingerprint unlocking, facial recognition lenses and screen displays require FPC. At the same time, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and Tesla also needs a lot of FPC. In the future, after 5G is popularized, FPC will be able to realize antennas. High-speed, high-bandwidth transmission of information. The FPC is so important, but we don't even know it.

This series will introduce in detail what the FPC is, which leading manufacturers are, and have a deep understanding of various companies such as  ZHEN DING TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., FLEXIUM INTERCONNECT INC. and so on.

FPC Part 1: What is a FPC?

FPC Part 2: FPC Industry

FPC Part 3: FPC Part 3: A Hundreds of Contending FPC Manufacturers

Edge computing concept stocks.jpg

Compared with cloud computing, edge computing is a new concept. Through computing at edge nodes, the Internet of Things can be implemented in life, and the Internet of Everything is no longer a dream. Edge computing can speed up computing time and response speed, make huge information collection, processing and computing come true, and bring powerful business benefits.

This series will introduce in detail the operating principles of edge computing and lead you to find the concept stocks of edge computing.

Edge Computing Part 1: Future Computing Technology

Edge Computing Part 2: Concept stocks are unified

Edge computing related stocks

Data Center Concept Stock.jpg

Google search, Facebook, Youtube, and Line are an indispensable part of life, and these rely on data centers to operate. We are inseparable from the Internet. A large amount of information is stored in the cloud. The data center will continue to develop in the future. We may look for new investment opportunities from it.

This series will introduce the data center and related industry chain in detail, and conduct an in-depth analysis of some white-label server stocks.

Data Center Part 1: Introduction to the Data Center

Data Center Part 2: In-depth cloud services

Data Center Part 3: Full Analysis of Supply Chain & Introduction of Concept Stocks

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