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There are hundreds of cloud applications, from renting cloud space, AI computing performance to life applications. Which vendors have high prospects? Which are the areas where the white-label server warriors must compete? Which countries will win again? This article will start from the application level and take readers to understand the prospects of future applications.


​TSMC and Samsung, which had been leading the way in the field of advanced processes, suddenly surpassed IBM's competitor, the former semiconductor manufacturer, halfway through. IBM expects to mass produce 2 nanometers in 2024. This time is similar to TSMC's 2 nanometer mass production time, which is equal to a head-to-head confrontation with TSMC. But, can it really go so smoothly?

911 APP 主圖.jpg

During the COVID-19 epidemic, our lifestyle has changed. From offline shopping to online, consumers’ online shopping habits are no longer limited to large platforms such as PChome, Yahoo Mall, and Momo. There are more brands trusted by physical channels. Operating mall. The instantaneous return of physical channels to zero has also prompted retailers to no longer ignore the online shopping opportunities. 

91 APP: The first SaaS company listed on the OTC in Taiwan

​In July 2021, Yuantai’s stock price climbed all the way and hit a record high. Yuantai almost monopolized the market in the electronic paper industry, with a market share of as high as 90%. It is a leader in a niche market, and its gross profit margin in 2020 is also as high as 45% is a company with extremely high gross profit in the electronics industry, which shows Yuantai's strong competitiveness.

​Electronic paper maker Yuantai's share price hits a record high
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Some research institutions pointed out that the annual iPhone shipments in 2021 will reach 230 million, of which about 85 million iPhone 13 will be sold. Compared with the 72 million iPhone 12 sold in 2020, this is an estimated growth of 18%. The main reason for the growth was that the supply chain was affected by the epidemic last year. Although it was disrupted by the epidemic this year, it was relatively smooth and could meet market demand immediately.

Apple's unremarkable iPhone 13 micro-upgrade
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​Gogoro is not only a brand of electric locomotives, but also a supplier of battery exchange stations, trying to build a battery exchange network and build a green energy smart transportation city. Therefore, Gogoro's battery exchange network has cooperated with many manufacturers, aiming to provide sustainable mobile solutions.

Electric locomotive Gogoro will be listed in the U.S. soon
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