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Year of writing: 2020
Author: D.Y.

Use data to watch Taiwan stocks 

Performance comparison of various industries in the Year of 2019

After the market closes at 1:30 on 2020/01/20, the Year of the Pig for Taiwanese stocks has also come to an end. This year, Taiwanese stocks have experienced 234 opening days from 2019/02/11 ~ 2020/01/20. The author Tony also organized 32 for everyone. The performance of large industries (using the industry index published by the Stock Exchange) over the past year, let us use data to see which industries have taken the lead this year, and which have been unsatisfactory.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted Stock Price Index Performance

12000 is no longer a dream ─ ─ Taiwan Stocks Weighted Index

After 30 years, the Taiwan stock market has returned to 12,000 points. Compared with 30 years ago, the main control of the stock market, the frenzied investment of retail investors, and the collapse of the Taiwan stock market on the eve of the bubble, this time is controlled by TSMC, Largan, and MediaTek. Value stock leader, given the company's fundamentals and outstanding performance, this time the top 10,000 is more solid, and it has a better chance to maintain above 12,000 points. Looking back on the past year, as soon as the market opened on 02/11 in the Year of the Pig, the market broke through ten thousand points, not afraid of the demon of "don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case". Up to twelve thousand points. In 234 days, despite the unresolved Sino-US trade war, the opening of the Japan-Korea trade war, and the cooling of the global economy, Taiwan stocks still rose for 136 days, rising by 2186.45 points for the year, or 21.36%, weighted The stock price index closed as high as 12179.81, with a maximum increase of 1.97% on the day and a maximum decrease of 1.80% on the day.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Annual Performance

The best in Taiwan stocks

According to the classification of the stock exchange, Taiwan’s listed companies are divided into 33 major industries, including one other category (not included in the ranking this time), and also have a weighted index for each industry. We have compiled the performance of each major industry in the past year and In comparison, when Taiwan stocks rose by 21.36%, which industries led Taiwan stocks to rise, and which industries were lagging behind the broader market.

Taiwan Stock Exchange Industry Index Ranking

This year has been a very prosperous year for Taiwan stocks. There are 26 industry indexes that have risen, while only 6 industry indexes have fallen. The increase rate exceeded the market by 21.36%, 10 of them, and the increase rate was less than that of the market’s 22. The reason for this is that electronic stocks and semiconductor-related stocks have performed well this year, and these stocks are heavily weighted in the weighted index, which has further boosted the rising trend of Taiwan stocks.

The biggest gainers were auto stocks, which rose 69.58% for the year. The reason was that Toyota and Lexus Taiwan's agent Hetai Motors (2207) had super performance. From the opening of the market 293 to the closing of 702, an increase of 409 points, an increase of 140. %, which also contributed to the performance of auto stocks. Compared with Hetai Auto, Yulon (2201) and China (2204) performed relatively flat.

The semiconductor industry, which has the second highest growth rate, has performed well this year. From the global wafer foundry TSMC (2330), its share price rose 112 points to 333, an increase of 50.67% for the year. TSMC's 7nm production capacity is fully loaded, and 5G demand has skyrocketed. , AI chip increments and other bullish gains have repeatedly pushed up the stock price; UMC (2303) and World Advanced (5347) have also increased by 41.4% and 18.5% respectively due to order spillover effects and good fundamentals. Another semiconductor club site is the IC design group led by MediaTek (2454). MediaTek was able to gain 72.4% year-on-year growth due to factors such as the release of 5G chips; Netcom chip maker Realtek (2379) rose 66.13% throughout the year. 260 points; panel control chip Novatek (3034) also gained 46%; IC Service Factory Creative (3443) also gained 31.3%. There are also many IC design factories in Taiwan that have excellent performance, and they are all outstanding in various ICs. Together, these semiconductor companies have increased the semiconductor index by 49.54%.

The biggest drop was the glass ceramic index, which fell by 10.29%. The reason was that related stocks including Taiwan Glass (1802) and Caesars Guardian (1817) generally underperformed. In particular, Taiwan Glass’s 13.4% drop was not deep, but it was also due to the Higher values have led to a decline in glass ceramics.

The coefficient of variation (index standard deviation/average index) is highest for auto stocks, which shows that auto stock indexes have large changes and volatility. In the past year, investors who can bear higher risks can also make relatively good profits. . The lowest coefficient of variation is in the technical and medical category for chemical students, and the index is relatively stable with little change.

Taiwan Stock Exchange's Best Industry Performance

The above information is provided for readers' reference and does not have any investment advice. Please evaluate and research by yourself before investing.

Thank you for reading, and more content will be released in the future. Welcome to subscribe and share.

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