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There are hundreds of cloud applications, from renting cloud space, AI computing performance to life applications. Which vendors have high prospects? Which are the areas where the white-label server warriors must compete? Which countries will win again? This article will start from the application level and take readers to understand the prospects of future applications.


Cloud services are a huge system. This article will comprehensively analyze the concept stocks involved, from upstream chips to downstream power supplies, from Taiwan stocks to U.S. stocks, covering the global supply chain, and identifying high-value stocks that are worth investing in the supply chain. .

information Center  Part 3
Understanding the data center concept stock

The five major server foundries in the world are gathered in Taiwan, and each foundry has different products, with high and low gross profit margins; by dismantling Quanta, Wisdom, Hon Hai, Inventec, and Mitac in all aspects, find out worthy investment The concept stocks of white-label servers and cloud data centers.

information Center  Part 4
The five tigers of the server will have a big PK

This article will introduce the key factors of revenue, EPS, and stock price of white-brand servers such as Quanta and Wivy in Taiwan, as well as how Intel’s CPU will affect industry changes, and how the prices of key components will affect the industry Gross profit margin.

information Center  Part 5
Factors affecting the server industry

Such as: Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent (HKG: 0700), Hon Hai (2354), Inventec (2356), Quanta (2382), Wisdom (6669), Pegatron (4938), China Zhi (3515), Mitac (3706)...etc.

Data center related stocks
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