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(Flexible Printed Circuit)
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​The FPC industry is an essential part of various technological products, such as smartphones, electric cars, laptops, etc., but many people do not know how to distinguish between FPC and rigid. This article will introduce the materials, types and characteristics of soft boards to quickly grasp the knowledge of FPC.

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The overall industry chain of the FPC industry can be further subdivided into several sub-industries, which are highly concentrated in specific countries and specific cities in Taiwan. Through this analysis, we can understand the competitiveness of the FPC industry.


This article will focus on introducing Taiwan's FPC manufacturers, and at the same time get to know the competitors and key customers from all over the world; and compare the R&D investment amount and gross profit rate of each company through the table.

FPC Part 3
Hundreds of FPC Competitors

This article will review the current situation of customers and analyze the challenges of the FPC industry in recent years, such as the slowdown in sales of mobile phones and laptops, environmental disputes, etc.; and look for potential future development opportunities.

FPC  Part 4
The prospects and challenges

Such as: Kuraray, MGC, Murata, SKPI, ZHEN DING TECH (TW:4958), FLEXIUM INTERCONNECT INC (TW:6269), Career Tech (TW:6153), DuPont, Taimide Tech(TW:3645), CO-TECH DEVELOPMENT (TW:8358), Nan Ya (TW:1303), TAIFLEX Scientific Co. (TW:8039), ThinFlex Corporation (TW:3144) ...... etc.

FPC industry-related stocks
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